The systems of patriarchy are no longer working for humanity or for planet Earth. This website is a doorway into something else, Next Culture. Next Culture is the culture that comes after the patriarchy, the context for Possibility Management and other emerging gameworlds.

  • Modern Culture

    Modern culture is destroying the planet. If you are reading this, you probably already know this. Its grip on humanity begins in the thoughtware that we use.

    Most of us did not learn in school how to feel or to use the power of our feelings to live out our destiny. We did not learn how to be truly authentic, to communicate clearly or to create relationships that are thriving. We did not learn to maintain our center or how to take responsibility for the gameworld we are living in.

    Instead, we were taught to be pawns in a patriarchal system where the goal is profit above all else.

    Something else is possible.

    Possibility Management

    Possibility Management is a context for upgrading human thoughtware. Learn tools, skills and maps to guide you on a journey of a modern day inititation into adulthood. Discover the power of your own original feelings that can serve you personally and professionally. Reclaim your center, connect with your heart and access the unlimited possibilities that are always available in each moment.

    Learn to create winning happening in your life and take responsibility for sourcing your gameworld and being the change you want to see in the world.


    Gaia, the living earth, is the home human beings share with billions of other species. Most humans are afraid of nature. Hollywood sells us the idea of dangerous forests, jungles and oceans where big bad monsters (Jaws, Anaconda, The Ritual) live. This perspective makes it much easier to cut down thousands of acres of forest each day, and to use the Earth's resources to depletion while numbing ourselves to the consequences of this by consuming even more (TV, shopping, video games, junk food etc). It is becoming more important every day to re-establish a connection of respect cooperation with nature.

  • Trainers

    A trainer is not a teacher who imparts the "right way" to do things. A trainer holds space for transformation, sharing skills and tools to empower others to fulfill their life's purpose.

    Amanda Marie Killen

    How can humans live sustainably in cooperation with nature on planet Earth? How can we live fully alive, authentically, fulfilling a purpose which feeds our souls and our communities? These questions first guided my path into Possibility Management in 2007 when I took part in an Expand the Box and Possibility Lab in the eco-village Tamera in Portugal. I explored many other approaches to transformational work. Over the years I have yet to find anything else more transformational, authentic or empowering.

    A background in nature-connection mentoring and bodywork informs my coaching and trainings in Possibility Management. My work is to help people reconnect with their innate power so they can use it to take responsibility for creating the world they want to live in, without having to be perfect first. Nobody is perfect and that is a beautiful thing. We have been conditioned to believe we are small and powerless, when really we are all kings and queens.

    It is my job to guide people through transformational processes so they can access their power and live in service of Life.

  • Nature Connection

    In modern culture most of us live separated from the Earth by technology and modern conveniences. Nature can seem dangerous, dirty and foreign. Nature connection is about rebuilding those connections that have been lost and damaged; with ourselves, our community, with Nature and with this planet, Gaia, that is our home.

    Nature Skills

    are a tool for connection

    Ancestral skills such as fire making, shelter building, procuring water and food are a powerful way to rebuild our connection to nature.


    is an essential survival skill

    Our ancestors would not have survived if not for their ability to cooperate and support each other.

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