• Rage Club Online

    We have been taught to suppress our anger, that anger is impolite, harmful, violent, out of control and embarrassing. Most of us push down our anger to avoid this and to be acceptable members of society.


    What we have not learned is that anger is an archetypal power, one of four feelings. When we are uninitiated, unconscious anger can own and control us, causing harm. When we learn to use it responsibly, it can serve us professionally and personally.


    Anger gives you the power to gain clarity, make boundaries, make decisions, say "Yes!" or say "No!", commit, to start and stop things and to reclaim your center.


    If you cannot feel anger, you lose access to these capabilities. When the moment comes to do any of these things, instead you may swallow it down.


    Rage club is a safe place to learn to feel anger again and to learn to use anger consciously and responsibly in your life. Learning to feel again is not about using your feelings irresponsibly. We are not tapping into anger like Darth Vader for shadow purposes.


    Instead it is like learning to firedance with an inner archetypal fire, using it with skill and finesse.


    Joining Rage Club, is choosing to take the Red Pill, if you have ever seen the movie the Matrix. It is an archetypal initiatory space.


    The rules are: Do not hurt yourself. Do not hurt anyone else.


    Rage club is participatory space. We will be doing anger work together, using our bodies and our voices.


    You will need:

    Two towels

    A bucket

    Water to drink

    Something to write things down

    A willingness to feel your anger


    Rage club is not a place for snacking, or drinking anything besides water. It is not a place to be under the influence of drugs (including marijuana) or alcohol. It is not a gremlin feeding zone.


    Anger can be loud. There can be loud sounds and words. Your body responds, without thinking, by clenching your jaw and your fists. Human beings have the capacity to go from 0 to 100% anger and every percent in between. 100% anger for no reason.


    It is recommended to inform anyone who lives with you, or neighbors that you will be doing anger work and that you might make some loud sounds, but that you and others are okay.


    Rage Club is Saturdays 5 pm- 6:30 pm PST, starting July 11 and goes for 4 weeks.

    Rage Club Online goes for 90 minutes.

    Cost: $10 per session per person (payment via paypal or Venmo)


    To register, please scroll down and fill out the form below.