with Scott East and Amanda Killen


    The cost of shutting down your anger is high. The tragedy is that most people do not know this because they have never learned how to feel and consciously use their anger. They do not realize an entire new world of empowerment, clarity, authority and authenticity is available to them at any moment - in the form of conscious anger.


    When you think of anger, you probably associate it with negativity. A person who feels angry is viewed as aggressive, mean, out of control and destructive. Yet anger is a feeling or emotion all of us feel all the time. You might be thinking, “But, I only get angry once in a while,” or “I never get angry.” Even thinking that thought requires at least a small amount of anger.


    If you grew up in modern culture, you have been trained to numb your anger so that you are not an angry person, so that you are not dangerous, and so that you are a usable pawn in a game of someone else’s design. In modern culture there are infinite ways available to you to numb your anger and other feelings: TV, junk food, over-working, creating a good image of yourself to fit in, et cetera into infinity.


    And yet the cost of numbing your anger is losing access to your own authority and clarity, your ability to make decisions and boundaries, taking a stand for what is most important in your life. The cost of not feeling your anger is losing your power to say “Yes!” to what you really want to say yes to, and “No!” to what you need to say no to.


    When you reconnect with the power of your anger and learn to use it consciously in your daily life, a whole new world of possibilities become available to you.


    Continuing to numb yourself is an option. You can choose going back to sleep and reach for whichever numbing strategy is nearest at hand.


    Or you can allow yourself to acknowledge the cost of not feeling your anger. How have you given away your center to external authority? How has it trapped you into feeling like you are a victim of life’s circumstances instead of a creator of your life’s purpose serving your highest calling?


    It is possible to feel your anger and direct it consciously in your life. It is possible to gain clarity, make decisions easily, and speak your authenticity even in difficult situations. It is possible to step out of being a victim into being the creator of the world you want to live in. Learning to do that is what Rage Club is about. Rage Club is a safe space to learn to feel your anger again even if you have been numbing it for most of your life. It is a supportive environment to practice and train consciously using anger in your daily life.​

    In Rage Club you will learn:

    • How to activate your anger and step out of numbness

    • How to integrate years of unexpressed anger

    • Distinctions about unconscious (irresponsible) anger and conscious (responsible) anger

    • How to separate anger from your other feelings (sadness, fear and joy) so you can step out of depression, anxiety or isolation

    • How to speak to others when you feel angry

    • How to consciously use low level anger to take care of everyday tasks

    • How to use your anger to empower yourself and others rather than disempower yourself and others

    The rules are: Do not hurt yourself. Do not hurt anyone else.


    Rage club is participatory, online space. We will be doing anger work together, using our bodies and our voices.


    You will need:

    Two towels

    A bucket

    Water to drink

    Something to write things down

    A willingness to feel your anger


    Rage club is not a place for snacking, or drinking anything besides water. It is not a place to be under the influence of drugs (including marijuana) or alcohol. It is not a gremlin feeding zone.


    Anger can be loud. There can be loud sounds and words. It happens in the body rather than your mind. Human beings have the capacity to go from 0 to 100% anger and every percent in between for no reason.


    It is recommended to inform anyone who lives with you, or neighbors that you will be doing anger work and that you might make some loud sounds, but that you and others are okay.


    Rage Club is a 4 week series, meeting each Tuesday for 2 hours from 4:30 - 6:30 pm PST / 7:30 - 9:30 EST


    The dates are:

    January 19, January 26, February 2, February 9


    Investment: $90


    Are you in?


    Scroll to register for Rage Club at the bottom of the page (below the trainer profiles).

  • Meet Your Trainers

    Scott East

    Possibility Management Trainer & Coach


    Scott East has been training as a Spaceholder and Transformational Coach for over a decade.


    He first decided to become an Earth Guardian while living a care-free life as a climber in the coastal forests of British Columbia. It was there that he witnessed the corporate-driven machine of the lumber industry destroying old-growth forests at the fastest possible rate. Scott painfully realized that living a life in a comfortable bubble wasn’t working anymore. He made the terrifying leap into the unknown and an extraordinary new world began opening up to him.


    After discovering the transformational work of Possibility Management, Scott realized that there were many others like him who were looking to take a stand for living lives of purpose beyond the ecocidal and irresponsible context of modern culture. He has been training as a trainer in Possibility Management since 2013.


    In addition to Rage Club, Scott also offers One-on-One Life Purpose Coaching, Emotional Healing Processes, Creative Project Development Processes and 5 day Expand the Box Transformational trainings.


    You can learn more about Scott's offerings at his website: www.bridgestonextculture.com



    Amanda Killen

    Possibility Management Trainer & Coach

    "How can humans can live sustainably in cooperation with nature on planet Earth?" This question first guided Amanda's path into Possibility Management in 2007 when she participated in an Expand the Box Training in Tamera, Portugal.


    Since then, she has been on a path of discovery and experimentation to explore the unknown territory of creating spaces of transformation.


    A vital tool in this journey has been accessing anger and using it, first to reclaim her own authority and now to empower others to do the same.


    "We are all kings and queens, though we have been conditioned to believe we are small and powerless. My work is to help people reconnect with their innate power so they can use it to take responsibility for the world they want to live in."

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